Frequently Asked Questions



How can I get in touch with you?

Our Customer Care department is available by calling 0208 420 5910 Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm. Or please feel free to email us at or mail correspondence to:

Suite 6
Bournehall House
Bournehall Road
WD23 4SR
0208 420 4429

Where are our products sold?

Please refer to the "Where to Buy" section of our website to find an online retailer or a store near you.

How do I order extra parts for the monitor?

You can order extra parts directly from us via our Summer Store where a full list of available items and prices are listed. Or you can place an order by contacting our Customer Care department.

Where can I get a copy of the instructions for a particular product?

All of our instruction sheets can be downloaded from this website. Please click on the word "Instructions" to the left in the navigation bar, choose "Download Instruction Sheet" to get a PDF version you can download and print. Or you can call our Customer Care department to get a copy mailed to you.

Do you have a multiple birth program?

We do not have a multiple birth program at this time.

Do you sell direct to consumers?

While we don't currently sell our regular in line items directly to the public, we do however have online specials available in our Summer Store . Here you will find great deals on many items - and please check back frequently as we add new items from time to time. You can also purchase extra and replacement parts here as well.



02010 Baby's Quiet Sounds™ Video Monitor
02060 Baby's Quiet Sounds™ Video Monitor Set
02080 Baby's Quiet Sounds™ Dual Video Monitor
02090 Baby's Quiet Sounds™ Handheld Video Monitor with Night Vision
02100 Baby's Quiet Sounds™ Color Video Monitor
02160 Baby's Quiet Sounds™ Dual Scanning Video Monitor

Can you add another camera or monitor?

Yes. Additional cameras and monitors can be purchased in our Summer Store or by contacting our Customer Care department.

If you have more than one monitor set will it interfere with one another?

If you experience interference with your monitor, make sure there are no other 900 MHz products (such as a cordless phone) located near the monitor. Also, try changing the channels on both the monitor and the camera from A to B or B to A. Discontinuing use of other 900 MHz cordless products will also help.

How do you view two rooms?

Make sure one of the room's transmitters (Baby's unit) is on Channel A and one room is on Channel B. You can then switch back and forth between rooms by switching the channels on the receiver (Parent's unit).

How do you charge the battery on the Handheld unit?

Plug in the A/C adaptor while connected to the handheld unit and let it charge to restore the battery power.

What is the life span of a rechargeable battery?

Under normal use the battery is designed to last up to 10 hours with each use and have a total lifespan of 18-24 months. Replacement batteries can be ordered via our Summer Store or by contacting our Customer Care department.

Is the Handheld monitor supposed to turn off if not plugged in?

Yes. The monitor has a power saver feature and will go into sleep mode after 3 minutes in order to conserve the battery. Simply press the Video On/Off button to reactivate the unit.

What is the range of the monitors?

350-650 ft depending on the model and under normal use.

What is the frequency of the Handheld monitor?

Our Handheld Monitor operates at a frequency of 900 MHz.

Do you have any other Helpful Hints for monitors?

Why yes! Here are a few more in-use suggestions for either troubleshooting or guiding you as to what to expect from your Summer Infant video monitor.

•  During use at night, the closer the Parent's unit is to the Baby's unit, the better the picture quality. The farther the distance away, the picture may get grainy. Optimal distance for normal in home use is 15-60 feet. Also, too close (about 15 feet or less), audio feedback could result.

•  Optimal distance for the camera from the child for night vision is 4 to 6 feet. Over 6 feet and the picture may get grainy due to the lack of light. Any additional light source in the room, such as a night-light, may improve the vision.

•  Video monitors are a wireless product and are therefore subject to a number of environmental conditions. Walking between and near the Parent's unit may cause temporary interference.

•  Better reception can often be accomplished by changing the position of the Parent's unit on the counter or table to reposition the antenna.

• If you have a 02160 Secure Sounds 2.4 GHz Digital Monitor, it may be interfering with a wireless connection present in your home. If you own a wireless router, contact the router manufacturer to configure your wireless router to transmit on channels other than the ones listed below:

Channel A: 2.410 GHz
Channel B: 2.441 GHz
Channel C: 2.468 GHz


What is the weight limit?

The weight limit is 25 lbs.

What is the age limit?

We recommend discontinuing use as soon as the baby can sit up unassisted.


03110 Grow-with-Me Thermometer
03040 Digital Ear Thermometer

How do you change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

To switch the display between C and F:

  1. Turn the unit off.
  2. Press and hold the Start Button for 5 seconds, until the current measurement scale (C or F icon) flashes on the display.
  3. Switch the measurement scale between C and F by pressing the Start Button again.

After the measurement reading type has been chosen, wait 5 seconds and the thermometer will be ready for temperature taking.


Where can I buy extensions for a Summer Infant gate?

We offer extra extensions for the 07060 Sure and Secure™ Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate only. They can be purchased in our online Summer Store or by contacting our Customer Care department.

Where can I get replacement parts for a particular gate?

We offer replacement parts for our 07050 Sure and Secure™ Deluxe Wood Walk-Thru Gate, the 07060 Sure and Secure™ Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, and the 07070 Sure and Secure™ Expansion Gate. Parts can be ordered through our Summer Store or by contacting our Customer Care department.


07010 Sure and Secure™ Double Bedrail
07080 Sure and Secure™ Double Wood Bedrail
07090 Sure and Secure™ Double Mesh Bedrail

How do you loosen the straps on the bedrail?

All at once, turn the dial on the side of the foot and latch mechanisms up and slide the blue locking button on the crank handle down to loosen the fabric webbing.